About us

CEA owns, operates and maintains the Cave City and the Horse Cave Wastewater Treatment Plants which serve the Cave City, Park City, Mammoth Cave and Horse Cave sewer systems. CEA also provides and maintains water service for Park City and Cave City. Caveland Environmental Authority, Inc. has two construction crews. The professional construction crews of CEA make it possible for us to do all of our own water and sewer line construction which provides a significant cost savings for our customers.

Caveland Environmental Authority, Inc. is very involved within the community. CEA has sponsored such charities as nationally recognized St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The American Cancer Society as well as locally sponsored organizations and public schools. CEA is a continuing sponsor of Environmental Education both for local schools and the general public. Caveland Environmental Authority, Inc. has and will continue to grow in our knowledge and expertise in an effort to meet the needs of the communities we serve while placing environmental protection as a top priority. CEA has and will continue to take great strides in preserving the resources of today to allow for a cleaner and safer environment for the generations of tomorrow.

Community Benefits

It is our mission and privilege as members and long-time residents of the communities we service to provide environmentally safe and ecologically protective water and wastewater management solutions that are economically beneficial to the citizens of Central and South Central Kentucky, while promoting the opportunity for industrial growth in an effort to increase the security and prosperity of our neighbors, friends, families and future generations.


David Peterson

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Gardner

Chairman (Cave City Representative)

David Houk

Vice Chairman (Horse Cave Representative)

Joe Bailey

Secretary/Treasurer (Park City Representative)

Bill Smith

Board Member (Cave City Representative)

Brad Manship

Board Member (Horse Cave Representative)

David Rutherford

Board Member (Cave City Representative)

Lewis Cutliff

Board Member (Park City Representative)

Brad Smith

Board Member (Horse Cave Representative)

Ronnie Stinson

Board Member (Park City Representative)